Unlocking Your Genetic Code: Epigenetics and Pharmacogenetics Testing

Unlocking Your Genetic Code: Epigenetics and Pharmacogenetics Testing

In the realm of healthcare, personalised medicine is rapidly gaining traction. This approach aims to tailor medical treatments and interventions to an individual's specific genetic makeup and lifestyle factors. At the heart of personalised medicine lies genetic testing, which allows us to delve into the intricate world of our DNA, uncovering valuable information that can guide our healthcare decisions.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics and pharmacogenetics testing go beyond traditional genetic testing. It explores not only your inherent genetic code but also the external factors influencing gene expression and response to medications. Epigenetics focuses on the environmental influences affecting gene activity, while Pharmacogenetics examines how your genes impact your body's response to drugs.

How Is It Linked to Longevity?

Understanding your genetic predispositions can be a game-changer in preventive health. Epigenetics sheds light on lifestyle factors that influence your genetic expression, allowing for targeted interventions to optimise health. Pharmacogenetics, on the other hand, helps tailor medication plans based on your genetic makeup, ensuring more effective and safer treatments. By leveraging this knowledge, preventive strategies can be customised, potentially enhancing longevity and well-being.

What About ‘Abnormal’ Findings?

If Epigenetics or Pharmacogenetics Testing reveals abnormalities, it's not a cause for alarm but a gateway to better-informed health management. Abnormal epigenetic patterns might highlight areas where lifestyle changes can be beneficial. Pharmacogenetic variations may indicate potential adverse reactions or ineffectiveness to certain medications. Understanding these aspects early on allows for personalised strategies to mitigate risks and optimise health outcomes.

At Noviu Health, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge to proactively manage your health. If Epigenetics or Pharmacogenetics Testing identifies areas of concern, our expert medical team is here to guide you through the next steps.

How We Can Help You

For abnormal epigenetic patterns, we’ll work with you to formulate lifestyle modifications tailored to your unique needs. In the case of pharmacogenetic variations, our doctors develop personalised medication plans, ensuring your treatments align seamlessly with your genetic makeup.

At Bartley Clinic, we offer post-testing consultations for Nalagenetics’ self-testing kits, providing detailed lifestyle (LifeReady), pharmacogenetics (RxReady) and nutrition (NutriReady) recommendations.

Test kits are also available on our website from $400 each, or $500 for a bundle of two, inclusive of a teleconsultation with our doctors to review your results. If you’d like to enhance your healthspan and boost your longevity, explore our various health screening packages and Noviu Life, tailored for longevity. Available exclusively at Bartley Clinic.

Ready to enhance your healthspan? Take our personalised Noviu365 quiz to receive screening recommendations based on your risk factors, lifestyle habits, and health goals.


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At Noviu Health, we believe in preventive health and the science of longevity. That’s why we developed Noviu365, a comprehensive health screening personalised to your risk factors, lifestyle, budget and health goals.