Administrative Services & Examinations

At Noviu Health @ Bartley Clinic, we understand that healthcare goes beyond clinical consultations and treatments. Administrative services and specialised examinations are an integral part of ensuring your well-being in various aspects of life, from work permit medical checkups to legal matters and travel requirements.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive administrative support and examinations to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our patients in Singapore of all ages. We respect our patients’ time and prioritise efficiency. We aim to streamline administrative procedures for quick and hassle-free services.

Administrative Services Offered

  • Medical Certificates: At our clinic, we provide the essential service of issuing medical certificates to support your specific needs, whether it’s for work-related absenteeism, travel clearance, or other official requirements. Our certified medical professionals ensure accurate and timely documentation to assist you in fulfilling these obligations.
  • Vaccination Programs: Safeguard your health with our comprehensive vaccination programs. From routine flu shots to specialised travel vaccines, our clinic offers a wide range of immunisation services to protect you from various diseases. We prioritise your well-being by providing up-to-date vaccinations tailored to your individual health and travel requirements.
  • Health Check Certificates: For insurance claims or employment verification, our clinic conducts thorough health check examinations. We offer precise and reliable health assessments to ensure you meet the necessary criteria, making the process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney: Planning for the future is essential, and our clinic offers guidance and consultations on setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in Singapore. Secure your financial and healthcare decisions by granting authority to a trusted individual, and we’re here to assist you with this critical legal document.
  • Renewal of Driving Licence, Medical Checkups: Maintain your mobility with ease by availing our services for the renewal of your driving licence. Our authorised medical professionals conduct the necessary medical checkups required for the renewal process, ensuring that you can continue to drive safely and legally.

About Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Certification

Planning for the future is a responsible and caring act, and having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is an essential legal document.

The LPA allows a person who is at least 21 years of age to voluntarily appoint one or more persons to make decisions and act on his/her behalf if he/she loses mental capacity one day. When completing your LPA, the LPA Form will have to be witnessed and certified by an LPA certificate issuer.

Our doctors are certified LPA certificate issuers, registered in the Office of the Public Guardian Online system, and will be able to help complete your application. Kindly make an appointment beforehand so we can advise you on the required process before visiting our clinic. We are also able to do corporate LPA signing events (at offices) or house calls, depending on your needs.

Driving Licence Renewal, Other Applications or Permits

We are able to assist with driving licence renewal, insurance application/renewal and other applications/permits that individuals may need to submit. This could include permits for various activities, applications related to legal documentation, or other official requests. Most applications can be completed on the day of your visit, with no appointment required.

Insurance application/renewal may require additional health screening results or lab tests, but our capable staff and doctors will help you through the process and make it as seamless as possible for you!

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We provide administrative support for medical records, insurance claims, and appointment scheduling. Our aim is to make your healthcare experience as smooth and efficient as possible

Our comprehensive healthcare assessments may include physical examinations, laboratory tests, imaging studies, and specialised screenings, depending on what information is required by your organisation.

Yes, we offer medical assessments and certifications for various purposes, including driving licence certification, pre-employment medical checks, travel health assessments, and fitness-to-work evaluations, to ensure your health aligns with specific requirements.

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