Longevity is not just about living longer; it’s about maximising the number of years spent in good health, to empower you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. At Noviu Health, we’ve curated a 6-month programme to optimise your longevity.

What You Can Expect

  • Detailed assessment of your current health, mental wellbeing and lifestyle habits by our doctors –– teleconsult or in-person
  • Assessment of current metabolic health –– physical examination, bioimpedance measurements, blood tests
  • Test your longevity biomarkers, epigenetics, cardiorespiratory fitness, etc.
  • Review of longevity screening results
  • Create a personalised longevity plan tailored to your goals
  • Begin supplements or medications (if needed)
  • Optional fitness, nutrition & health coaching
  • Recheck bioimpedance and body measurements
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance on your journey
  • Follow-up consultation to assess your progress and improvement
  • Track your progress –– physical examination, bioimpedance measurements, blood tests
  • End of programme report
  • Long-term action plan and regular longevity check-ins with our doctors & coaches

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