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Noviu Heart

Noviu Heart

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For those looking to screen cardiac risk or with risk factors (personal or familial)

Noviu Heart places a special focus on cardiovascular health. Experience a tailored examination ensuring the well-being of your heart, providing detailed insights for proactive health management. Invest in the assurance of Noviu Heart and embark on a journey toward cardiovascular wellness with precision and personalised care.


  • All 34 unique biomarkers included in our flagship programme Noviu365
  • Apolipoprotein A1, B, B:A1 Ratio, hsCRP, High-sensivity Troponin I (Heart Health Risk)
  • Creatine Kinase, Homocysteine (Muscle & Heart Health)
If you're keen to keep a closer eye on your health all year round, our Annual Membership includes all the components above, plus:
  • 4 Inbody scans – detailed body composition analysis
  • Annual Subscription to our health platform – an AI-based app that tracks your biomarkers, test results and lifestyle habits for an integrated overview of your health (valued at $120)
  • 5% off the Basic Plan for your first purchase (included in this pricing)
  • 10% off all repeat blood tests done within the validity period of your Annual Membership
  • 15% savings on next year's Annual Membership

If you're unsure as to which product to choose or have any queries, feel free to book a teleconsultation with us or visit Bartley Clinic to have a chat with our doctors. Click this link to book an appointment!

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