Collection: Health Screening

Your Personalised Holistic Preventive Health Package

At Noviu Health, we believe that good health is a year-round commitment. That’s why we designed Noviu365 to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your health status, allowing you to take control of your health and well-being 365 days of the year, under the careful guidance of our doctors at Bartley Clinic.

For an even more personalised health screening experience, select from one of our specially curated sub-programmes – Noviu Life, Noviu Guard, Noviu Heart, Noviu For Him and Noviu For Her.

Here's an overview of all our Noviu365 packages:

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If you've done your blood tests elsewhere but would like our doctors to analyse and optimise your results, consider our Longevity Consults.

If you've recently done a basic health screening, consider adding on over 30 essential Longevity biomarkers with Noviu Plus.

Don't hesitate to book a consultation with us (in-person or teleconsult) if you have any further queries!