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Noviu Plus

Noviu Plus

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Elevate Your Longevity with NoviuPlus: Go Beyond Typical Health Screenings.

If you've recently done a basic health screening, consider adding on over 30 essential Longevity biomarkers with Noviu Plus. Our advanced biomarker analysis excludes conventional markers, providing precise insights to optimize your lifespan and extend your healthspan. Take control of your vitality and unlock your fullest potential with NoviuPlus.

If you're keen to keep a closer eye on your health all year round, our Annual Membership includes all the components above, plus:

  • 4 Inbody scans – detailed body composition analysis
  • Annual Subscription to our health platform – an AI-based app that tracks your biomarkers, test results and lifestyle habits for an integrated overview of your health (valued at $120)
  • 5% off the Basic Plan for your first purchase (included in this pricing)
  • 10% off all repeat blood tests done within the validity period of your Annual Membership
  • 15% savings on next year's Annual Membership

If you're unsure as to which product to choose or have any queries, feel free to book a teleconsultation with us or visit Bartley Clinic to have a chat with our doctors. Click this link to book an appointment!

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